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Melissa sharingThe Inner Peace Movement® is part of the wave of change on Planet Earth as we evolve into the New Millennium. IPM is autonomous groups of people around the world who have the common bond of wanting to grow spiritually without dogma or theology and in the process change the world for the better.

IPM is a means of becoming your true self; the dynamic, happy, balanced you. IPM can put the tools and techniques you can use to create for yourself an unbelievably successful life on all levels into your hands.

You can awaken your spiritual (psychic) abilities to a level you may have believed only "gifted" people were capable of. During the last forty years, hundreds of different spiritual techniques have been developed for IPM community group work.

The purpose of the techniques is to help you expand your spiritual sensitivity and discernment for greater command of your own energy. These techniques help you go deeper in working 24/7 with your of guardian angels, your inner guidance. Through IPM involvement a vast new world of possibilities comes into view and a feeling of limitlessness becomes a way of life. Dreams of personal happiness become attainable goals.

IPM is not for everyone. IPM is for people who wish to transcend the limits their early conditions may have placed upon them. IPM is for people who desire to be living examples of how great life really is. IPM is people who are on the fast track to discovering the true essence of spiritual energy and its effective use.

Melissa Kitto

Melissa KittoMelissa Kitto, the "Angel Guidance Coach" is dedicated to empowering spiritual seekers worldwide to develop a constant and direct communication with their own team of spiritual helpers.

Melissa's journey into spirituality was originally accidental. At the age of 12 she received the Orientation Profile session from a certified Americana Leadership College consultant in Christchurch, New Zealand where Melissa was born and raised. She went in to the session curious, but not really knowing what to expect. What she experienced during that session was a direct, strong communication with the angels that she didn't even know she had!

Melissa was a student of the Inner Peace Movement group work and courses throughout her teenage years and early twenties. In 2003, Melissa moved to the United States, and began passing on what she knew. She partnered up with Richard Lassiter, who had worked personally with the founder of the Inner Peace Movement program, Dr. Francisco Coll, for over 25 years. Together, they have traveled the globe teaching people just like you, the direct, simple tools and techniques to be able to have a direct communication with Spirit and live their life purpose. They have presented the Angel Encounter Workshop in the USA, United Kingdom, Ireland, New Zealand and Austria.

They form Inner Peace Movement community group work throughout the world to further the outreach of the founder’s mission tor autonomous groups of people throughout the world meeting for spiritual growth and connection.

Richard Lassiter

Richard LassiterRichard Lassiter is a clairaudient spiritual scientist. "If I can't show another person how to expereince their spiritual nature, I am all talk and no real help. If it is real, it can be learned, passed on and experienced by anyone."

He has a gift for channeling “divine downloads” directly from Spirit and sharing with audiences in inspiring ways that enable them to feel and think differently about themselves and their lives.

Richard first became involved in spiritual discovery in 1973 when he met Dr. Francisco Coll and became involved in Inner Peace Movement group work in his Williamsburg, VA community. Soon after, he began lecturing and touring throughout the United States and Canada. He worked directly with Dr. Coll for many years and ran conference/retreat centers for the Americana Leadership College.

On Dr. Coll’s passing in 1999, Richard became President of the Americana Leadership College, helping the spiritual techniques and programs Dr. Coll created thrive into the new millennium. He partnered with Melissa Kitto in 2003, and since that time has lectured and presented workshops throughout the United States, United Kingdom, Ireland and New Zealand.

Richard is a co-founder of the Balanced Living Institute, an Ordained Minister with the Peace Community Church® International and a Director of the Inner Peace Movement® International.

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