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Angel Encounter Wkshp

You have immense guidance, wisdom and help available to you. Imagine accessing your answers at will anytime you desire to. Imagine the difference you would see in your life if you knew exactly the right thing to do at exactly the right time.

In the Angel Encounter Workshop you’ll learn how to communicate directly with your angels.

We show you how to do this for yourself so you need never doubt your decisions or depend on anyone else for your answers. You'll get results immediately when you apply and practice the techniques you learn in the workshop.

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Here's how:

You'll get immediate confirmation from your angels on your decisions and actions as you go about your day. There's no need to interrupt your day to go and meditate!

You'll know how to instantly shift your energy to get better results in whatever you're involved with - work, relationships and finances.

You'll be in touch with the angels that want to help you! There's no need to feel stuck or alone when answers and help are available 24/7.

You won't waste time using your intellect to talk you out of your inspirations, then wonder why you're not successful. Live life the simple, graceful way by working with hunches and sensitivity.

Sound good? Thought so. The techniques included in this course will work for anyone. You were born with all the "Special Abilities" you need to communicate clearly with your angels. You can do this!

During the Angel Encounter Workshop you will:

  • Establish a direct, two-way communication with your Angels
  • Receive answers immediately to any question you would like to ask your angels/guides
  • Realize you are never alone
  • Discover how your angels KNOW your life purpose and can steer you in the right direction toward joy, abundance and fulfillment.
  • Raise your energy vibration instantly to be “tuned in” with your angels.
  • Learn a quick and easy method of daily meditation with your angels so you can receive their ideas, inspirations and suggestions for your life success.

workbook & profile sheets

Receive your personal Orientation Profile consultation. In this individual profile you'll learn how many angels you have, how they communicate with you, your energy sensitivity level and your primary gift of Intuition, Vision, Prophecy or Feeling.

You'll also receive a 30 page Connect with your Angels workbook with notes, templates and tips that you'll use for a long time to come.

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